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It’s funny because if there the letters w and o were in front of men, this would have a million notes. With tens of thousands of people saying terribly awful it is.

Let that sink in a little.

It is not a competition of who has it worse, man or woman. The goal should be to stop it entirely, quit being fucking ignorant, grow up.

wth this is absolutely vile

Shit like this is why feminism has become a dirty word. Pretty sure the whole point is equality. “I don’t like that women are treated a certain way because of their gender… LET’S TREAT ALL MEN LIKE SCUM BECAUSE OF THEIR GENDER” doesn’t really work.

Feminism is Evil

More reasons to despise radfems


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Temple of Isis, Egypt, early 20th century


Temple of Isis, Egypt, early 20th century

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Paolo Girardi


Paolo Girardi

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You might say I value money over people…

But I’d say I’m way more scared of being poor than I am of being alone.

It’s not always what we want that we aim for, we simply aim to avoid what terrifies us.

What the movies call ambition, I call fear

In real life, you’re productive not for what you want, but to avoid what you don’t want.

It’s why you finish your essay at the last minute, not as soon as you get it and it’s why, when you have less money, you’re far better at saving.

You don’t want the light on. You’re just afraid of turning it off.

You’re not chasing your dream, you’re just running away from your nightmare.
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